Warwick Davis autograph as Wald 8×10 Star Wars


Warwick Davis autograph as Wald 8×10″ photograph Star Wars

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Warwick Davis autograph as Wald 8×10 Star Wars


Genuine Warwick Davis autograph as Wald 8×10″ photograph Star Wars. Signed in blue marker pen.




Warwick Ashley Davis is an English actor, television presenter, writer, director and producer. He played the title characters in Willow and the Leprechaun film series, several characters in the Star Wars franchise, and Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films.


Wald was a Rodian male slave who lived on Tatooine during the time of the Naboo Crisis. Furthermore, He was one of Anakin Skywalker’s playmates in the Mos Espa Slave Quarters. Additionally, He and Kitster Banai, along with the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, formed Anakin’s pit team at the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace.


Genuine Warwick Davis signed photo

Davis was originally cast as an extra Ewok, but when Kenny Baker autographs, who was originally going to be Wicket, fell ill, George Lucas picked Davis to be the new Wicket after seeing how he carried himself as an Ewok.

Davis based his Ewok movements on his dog, who tilted his head from side to side whenever he saw something strange. During production on the film, Davis was the subject of a short mockumentary film about his experience as Wicket, titled Return of the Ewok, made by Return of the Jedis first assistant director, David Tomblin. The unreleased film was a fictional look at his decision to become an actor and act in the film and his transformation into Wicket the Ewok. Davis reprised his role as Wicket in the ABC made-for-TV films Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.


Besides, Warwick Davis Autographs plays Wicket in four films and Weazel in two films. all fifteen of Warwick Davis’ Star Wars characters break down as such.