Howie Weed 11×14 autograph photo Wampa Star Wars


Howie Weed 11×14″ autograph photo Wampa Star Wars.


Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.


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Howie Weed 11×14 autograph photo Wampa Star Wars

Authentic Howie Weed 11×14″ autograph photo Wampa Star Wars . Signed by Howie in back marker adding Grrr above his signature and “Wampa” underneath.



Harold “Howie” Weed (born December 23, 1962) is an Industrial Light & Magic artist and occasional actor in the Star Wars saga. He played multiple background characters (Ketwol, Melas) and the Wampa ice creature for the 1997 Special Editions.

In 1997, Howie Weed Autographs began working on the Special Editions of the Star Wars original trilogy. Weed, the chief creature maker for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Special Editions. Additionally, creating the new monsters for both these films.


Wampa Star Wars autographs

Much like Rick Baker before him, Weed acted as some of his creations. Particularly, on A New Hope, he can be seen in the cantina as Ketwol, as well as Melas. The same puppet used for both characters. During The Empire Strikes Back, Weed chosen to be inside his own Wampa Ice Creature costume to film new scenes. Because this role no longer required a tall actor, Des Webb not re-called. Thus, the “gory Wampa” in the Special Edition mainly played by Weed.

Weed continued working for the Star Wars saga with Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, working as a construction artist and digital model development artist for ILM.


Genuine Howie Weed autograph for sale.

Wampas, or wampa ice creatures, were a carnivorous. Semi-sentient white-furred primitive species of mammal which dwelled on the snow-clad planet Hoth.


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