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Authentic Yoda Autographs Star Wars signed Memorabilia Cast. Signed photos and memorabilia of the cast behind Yoda.

Mike Quinn Autograph Yoda photograph puppeteer 8x10

The Jedi Grand Master Yoda belonged to an ancient species steeped in mystery. Members of this species were extremely rare throughout the galaxy. The few members of this species sighted in the galaxy were all Force-sensitive, and neither the home world nor the species’ name were known.

Genuine Yoda signed Memorabilia

The species known to have two sexes: male and female. Members of the species were little, about the size of a human infant. With green skin, huge eyes, and long pointed ears. Their clawed three-fingered hands. The species’ food is thought to be largely carnivorous. With a propensity for collecting and digesting live amphibians whole. Their ears expressive, curving and unfurling in response to their feelings.

Cast of Yoda Autographs

Members of the species may grow thin hair in a variety of colours ranging from auburn to white. Females having longer and thicker hair than males. They lived for at least several centuries. Yoda lasted about a thousand years before dying of old age, and they aged very slowly. Remaining in infancy for at least fifty standard years. Even at this age, certain Force-sensitive members of this species could wield Force skills like telekinesis and Force healing. Also capable of complicated mental processes and could hear speech and converse via the Force.


Yoda actor

In The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda was voiced and puppeteered by Frank Oz. Who reprised the role in Return of the Jedi, the prequel trilogy, and the sequel trilogy.


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Mike Quinn Autograph Yoda photograph puppeteer 8x10" Star WarsMike Quinn signed Yoda photo Star Wars signed memorabilia



Mike Quinn Autograph Yoda photograph puppeteer 8×10″ Star Wars

Mike Quinn Autograph Yoda photograph measuring 8×10″ adding Yoda and a sketch of Yoda above his signature.

Mike Quinn (born 1964) is an English actor, animator, and puppeteer best known for performing Nien Nunb in Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: Episode