Wampa Autographs Star Wars Memorabilia signed Howie Weed

Authentic Wampa Autographs Star Wars Memorabilia signed Howie Weed. Genuine signed photographs and memorabilia from Wampa actor Howie Weed.


Howie Weed Wampa sketch photo autographed 8x10 Star Wars




Wampas, or wampa ice creatures, were a carnivorous, semi-sentient white-furred primitive species of mammal which dwelled on the snow-clad planet Hoth.



Star Wars Wampa Memorabilia

The wampa, one of Hoth’s top carnivorous predators, standing 2.5 to 3 metres tall and weighing 150 kilos on average. The cave-dwelling mammals have a pair of tiny cranial horns. Wampas were also very intelligent and deeply concerned about their clans.


Howie Weed Wampa Autographs

The wampa preyed on creatures such as tauntauns. However, all fifteen tauntaun subspecies were agile and speedy. Capable of running at speeds of up to 90 kilometres per hour and thereby outrunning the wampa ice beast. Furthermore, tauntaun horns might utilise defensively against predators. Besides, Wampa used their white fur as camouflage to ambush its victim before stunning or slaughtering it with razor-sharp fangs and claws in order to close in on them. The predators would then drag the helpless prey with their muscular arms to a cave, where it’s hanged upside-down until it digested. Also, Wampas hunted rayboo and inclined to hunt humans as well.

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