Tusken Raider Autographs Star Wars signed memorabilia

Authentic Tusken Raider Autographs Star Wars signed memorabilia. Signed photographs from Tusken Raiders.


Tusken Raider actor Alan Fernandes signed Star Wars photo 14


Tusken Raiders, sometimes known as Sand People or just Tuskens; were a nomadic sentient civilization native to the desert planet Tatooine. They were frequently antagonistic to surrounding settlements. Uli-ah was the name given to Tusken children. Also, Tusken Raiders got their moniker from a period of coordinated attacks; on the colony of Fort Tusken roughly eight centuries before 19 BBY.



Authentic Tusken Raider signed memorabilia

One tribe kidnapped bounty hunter Boba Fett; but after he proven his value, they welcomed him into their fold.

Tusken Raiders, a species that lived on Tatooine’s desert continent. Because of the severe environment on their home world; they are very xenophobic and protective of their local resources; frequently attacking the fringes of smaller towns like Anchorhead.


Star Wars Tusken Raider

They saw themselves as Tatooine residents; whereas everyone else considered a trespasser. Because the Sand People felt that all water sacred and promised to them; they raided colonists’ moisture fields. Tuskens regarded rare water wells, such as Gafsa, as sacrosanct. Simply venturing near one of these water wells could result in swift retaliation.

Additionally, Tusken Raiders also gathered black melons that grew in the Jundland; Wastes giving a consistent source of milk. Worrts, a non-sentient Tatooine native; regarded as a delicacy by the Tusken Raiders.

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