IG-88 Autographs for sale Star Wars signed memorabilia

Authentic IG-88 Autographs for sale Star Wars signed memorabilia. Bounty Hunter signed autographed photos.

Bill Hargeaves autographs IG-88

IG-88, also known as IG-88 or a Phlutdroid, was a rogue, lethal macho IG-series assassin droid. Who worked as a bounty hunter for Holowan Laboratories. Following the Battle of Hoth, Darth Vader summoned him and many other bounty hunters to the Executor. Where they were paid to track down the Millennium Falcon and its Rebel crew.

Due to his inability to track down his prey, IG-88 followed his main opponent, Boba Fett, to Bespin. Where the bounty hunter nearly killed the assassin droid, but IG-88 managed to escape. Purchase genuine IG88 signed photos and ig88 memorabilia.


Signed Memorabilia IG88

At some point IG-88 undertook a software infiltration into Death Star II. But his plan was single-handedly thwarted by R2-Q5. Decades later, the droid met with mercenary Bazine Netal to speak about the location of the Millennium Falcon.

The first of the IG-series assassin droid models created in secret by Holowan Laboratories. IG-88B, more commonly known as simply IG-88. Also known as a Phlutdroid. Realized his skill and desire to kill the moment he was first activated and turned on his creators, killing everyone in the lab. Authentic Star Wars IG 88 signed memorabilia for sale.


Bounty Hunter IG-88 Signed photo

From that moment on, he became one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. In part due to the lingering fear of droids from the Clone Wars. Particularly those capable of battle and assassination. Gaining notoriety comparable only to that of Boba Fett, his chief rival.


Who built IG-88?

Prop builder Bill Hargreaves was responsible for IG-88 in the Star Wars movies.

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Star Wars Bounty Hunters fully autographed photo 11x14

Star Wars Bounty Hunters fully autographed photo 11×14


Authentic Star Wars Bounty Hunters fully autographed photo 11×14. Signed in silver marker by: Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett), Nick Maley (Dengar Makeup), Bill Hargreaves (IG-88), Chris Parsons (4-lom), Alan Harris (Bossk) and Catherine Munroe (Zuckuss)


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