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Authentic General Veers Autographs Star Wars signed Memorabilia. Autographs from actor who played Star Wars General Veers Julian Glover.

Julian Glover Signed General Veers photo Star Wars 8x10

Julian Glover Star Wars

Maximilian Veers a human male who served as a commander in the armies of the Galactic Empire. As such, he participated in the Galactic Civil War, which pitted the Galactic Empire against the Rebel Alliance. Veers rose to prominence during the Imperial attack on the then-Rebellion-occupied Hoth system, leading a squadron of AT-AT walkers through Rebel defences and personally destroying the shield generator powering the Rebel base’s deflector shield.

Genuine General Maximilian Veers signed photo

Furthermore, his war command was essential to the Galactic Empire’s successful invasion of the Hoth planetary system. Besides, Veers seriously injured during the engagement when a Rogue Squadron snowspeeder slammed into the cockpit of his AT-AT, destroying the walker, but he survived.

Who Played General Maximilian Veers?

Julian Glover was cast as the actor for General Veers. Glover is an English classical actor who has been on stage, television, and in films since the 1950s. Also, he has received the Laurence Olivier Award and has appeared numerous times with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Authentic Julian Glover Autograph AT-AT 8x10 Photo Star Wars 2



Julian Glover Autograph AT-AT 8×10 Photo Star Wars 2

Lovely colour photograph showing the AT-AT which General Veers (Julian Glover) was driving which has crashed.
The autograph was originally dedicated and has been removed.

The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) was a four-legged combat walker used by the ground forces of the Galactic Empire and the First Order. With the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, stormtroopers and the TIE fighter, it was one of the most famous

Julian Glover Autographs for sale as General Veers AT-ATJulian Glover Autographs for sale as General Veers AT-AT

Julian Glover Autographs signed photo | General Veers


Julian Glover Autographs signed photo | General Veers


Stunning 8×10″ signed photograph showing General Veers looking through the spyglass on the AT-AT. Signed in black marker. Photo is slightly pixelated.


Julian Glover CBE (born March 27, 1935) is an English actor who played General Maximillian Veers in The Empire Strikes Back. Subsequent roles also had him in the character of a villain: he continued his work with George Lucas as Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, played the central villain in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, and was the voice of the spider Aragog in Harry