C-3PO Autographs for sale Signed Star Wars Memorabilia

Authentic C-3PO Autographs for sale Signed Star Wars Memorabilia. Signed photographs from C3PO actor Anthony Daniels.

C-3PO a humanoid robot character in the Star Wars franchise who appears in the original trilogy; the prequel trilogy and the sequel trilogy. Built by Anakin SkywalkerC-3PO was designed as a protocol droid intended to assist in etiquette; customs, and translation, boasting that he is “fluent in over six million forms of communication”.


Signed C-3PO Photo

Furthermore, along with his astromech droid counterpart and friend R2-D2C-3PO provides comic relief within the narrative structure of the films, and serves as a foil. Also, Anthony Daniels has portrayed the character; in eleven of the twelve theatrical Star Wars films released to date, with the exception of Solo: A Star Wars Story; where the character does not appear.

Additionally, Despite his oblivious nature, C-3PO autographs has played a pivotal role in the galaxy’s history; appearing under the service of Shmi Skywalker, the Lars homestead; Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa, Raymus Antilles, Luke SkywalkerJabba the Hutt, and Leia Organa.


Anthony Daniels C-3PO Autographs

In the majority of depictions, C-3PO’s physical appearance is primarily a polished gold plating with a silver plated right leg (from knee joint to ankle); although his appearance varies throughout the films; including the absence of metal coverings in The Phantom Menace, a dull copper plating in Attack of the Clones; and a red left arm in The Force Awakens.

C-3PO also appears frequently in both canon and Star Wars Legends continuities of novels; comic books, and video games, and a protagonist in the animated television series Droids.

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