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John Simpkin worked on film and TV as a background actor and stand-in for over twenty years. He was stand-in/double for some major stars-including Mel Gibson, Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, Rupert Everett and Tom Cruise to name but a few.

His acting appearances include, several Bond films one of them being For Your Eyes Only; Flash Gordon, Superman, Supergirl, The Legend, Hamlet (Franco Zefferelli) and of course Return of the Jedi. In Return of the Jedi he played Klaatu in all the Jabba’s Palace scenes, and also appeared as a Stormtrooper in the You Rebel Scum scene.

Klaatu was one of several Kadassa Nikto who served Jabba the Hutt. He was Baradas main assistant, in charge of repairing the skiffs. Klaatu was noted as a gambler, and would try his best to make his way to Jabbas throne room to view executions by Jabbas rancor.

During the Battle of the Great Pit of Carkoon, he was present on the top deck of the Khetanna.

Authentic John Simpkin autographs for sale Klaatu.

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