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Alan Fernandes (died Nov 2023) an elephant trainer who, along with Bob Spiker. Portrayed a Tusken Raider in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope according to fan site Planet Dagobah. And assisted the elephant Mardji, who portrayed for a bantha.

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The nomadic sentients known as Tusken Raiders, often known as Sand People or just Tuskens. Native to the desert planet Tatooine and frequently hostile to nearby inhabitants. Tusken kids, referred to as Uli-ah. Due to a string of coordinated attacks on the fortified community known as Fort Tusken that took place about eight decades before the year 19 BBY. The name “Tusken Raiders” was given considerably later.

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The bounty hunter Boba Fett caught by one tribe. But after he had earned their trust, they welcomed him into their fold.


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