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On this page we show authentic examples of Star Wars actors / actresses autographs. Furthermore, this page will be updated regularly showing what we have obtained over the years. Nevertheless, StarWarsAutographs have gained valuable contacts within the autograph industry, Star Wars actors and many cast members behind the scenes. Additionally, we have held many private signing sessions with many big Star Wars names. They are so many names to add to this list so we will be slowly introducing this page to help collectors study genuine Star Wars signatures of their favourite actors/actresses. Besides, these are the best way for fans and collectors to study genuine autographs to help purchase an authentic autograph.


When you click through our Star Wars Autographs blog, we have categories based on actors/actresses names and also character names. Equally, a great way to find that perfect item for your collection.


All Star Wars autographs we sell come with Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. Authenticity is from FirstClassMemorabilia, our sister site.






Autograph Examples of Star Wars cast



carrie fisher autographs

Carrie Fisher Autographs | Star Wars Princess Leia


dave prowse autographs

Dave Prowse Autographs | Star Wars Darth Vader


Jeremy Bulloch Autographs | Star Wars Autographs Boba Fett


Andy Serkis autographs Snoke

Andy Serkis Autographs | Supreme Leader Snoke Star Wars


Gary Kurtz Star Wars Producer

Gary Kurtz Autographs | Star Wars Producer


Alec Guinness autographs obi wan kenobi

Alec Guinness Autographs | Obi Wan Kenobi


mark hamill autograph star wars

Mark Hamill Autograph Star Wars | Luke Skywalker


Han Solo autograph Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford Autographs | Han Solo Star Wars



Kenny Baker Autographs | Star Wars R2-D2


Bill Hargreaves autographs IG-88

Bill Hargreaves Autograph Examples | IG-88 Prop Builder



Anthony Daniels Autograph Examples | Star Wars C-3PO droid




Warwick Davis Autographs | Star Wars Wicket, Weazel and Wald



Greedo autographs Paul Blake

Paul Blake Autographs | Greedo from Star Wars





Peter Cushing signed Star Wars photo sw

Star Wars Autographs blog

Peter Cushing Autographs Moff Tarkin







Next to follow:


John Simpkin Autographs | Klaatu from Star Wars

Alan Harris Autographs | Bossk character from Star Wars

Billy Dee Williams Autographs | Lando Calrissian

Ewan McGregor Autographs | Obi Wan Kenobi